Growing up I used to look forward to summer vacations and getting to sleep in for hours on end, except in my house this was not the reality. The reality was that at least 4 out of 7 mornings I was woken up by the sound of my mom singing along to Celine Dion at the top of her lungs, while vacuuming. “Mom I am trying to SLEEP!!!” I would yell from my bed but to no avail. She just turned it up and sang louder! I never understood why she had to a.) clean that early in the morning (7 am!) and b.) why she couldn’t clean with out music blaring. Well now that I am much older and wiser, I totally get it. The only time you can see the fruit of your labor in a clean house, is when your kids are asleep.




As for the music, I have learned anything worth doing in life is best done to the beat of your favorite songs! Cleaning is like therapy to me. I have fought many an imaginary battle with people all while cleaning my bathrooms or kitchen sinks.



A good song while cleaning can erase all of the frustrating mommy or wife moments I may have had that day as a sing along to Adele at the top of my lungs. I am becoming a better person AND getting crap done at the same time! Taylor Swift’s 1989 album probably saved my relationship with my in-laws and kept me from running away from my life countless times. If you ever walk into my house and wonder why it is so clean, it is because I have THAT MANY issues I need worked out on a daily basis. Don’t you?? Maybe it is just me. You can either feel bad for me or learn from me and save all of your loved ones the pain of confrontation by cranking up that Bose speaker and “sing-clean” your way through the hard times! I find great joy in the fact that someday my kids will be screaming at mefrom their rooms to “stop singing!!” as I ignore them and crank up my jams. I do it all for you kids, so I can be a happy mommy and better wife! Let me know what some of your fave cleaning songs are so I can up content!! Keep it real.️