Let’s talk mint. Although I do not like it anywhere near my ice cream or chocolate, I do love it all over my furniture. A pop of mint green can add color to a neutral space without taking away the soft bright look you are going for. Did you know that the color green is technically a neutral? Did you also know it is my favorite color of all time? Maybe it is because my name is Jade and I am obligated or something, but even still I am obsessed. One of my favorite places to use it is on a night stand in a Master bedroom.




I used Behr “Establish Mint” on my own nightstands. I gave my bedroom furniture a big face lift about 5 years ago and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made! Originally the bed and night stands were black. I opted for a neutral cream color on the headboard and footboard but because I love color I decided to paint the nightstands with a clean soft green.

Naturally, when I went to update a clients master bedroom I suggested the same color pallet for her as well. She was totally on board and we took her room from reds and golds to a dreamy white, gray and mint oasis.


I personally believe that master bedrooms should be mostly neutral. When you walk into your master you should feel like you are escaping the chaos of life. I want it to feel like a little peace of heaven on earth. We used the Behr color “Jade Mist” (see how vain I am!) this shade is slightly more blue based then the color I used in my room and I love it for that. Mints are easier to use then most colors because although they may shift from more yellow to more blue they always beautiful.

Adding mint to an accent wall or an architectural detail can be a great way to add color to other parts of your house as well.


On my arch that leads from my family room to my kitchen I chose Behrs “white radish”. This particular shade of mint is a little more yellow based. It draws your eye up to the architectural interest already created by my arch way.

Let me know if any of you have a fave shade of green that you love to use?