The crazy places

I am currently writing this blog post in my closet. I am so over today. Do you ever have those days where you dream of running away? Not that you actually want to, or really would but you let yourself fantasize about getting in your car, while everyone is distracted, and driving to the beach? “Peace out suckas!!” Fantasizing about how your families world would just crumble if you disappeared on them. I imagine them saying “where is dinner?” “Why do I have no clean clothes?” How come my bed isn’t magically being made by the time I come home from school anymore?” Or seeing them trip over the pile of shoes they have kicked off, day after day with out me there to pick them up and put them away. Yeah today was one of those days.


I have like, the best family, but even the best families can drive you freaking nuts. My “sweet boy” as I call him, even though he is more like a little devil at times, seemed to follow me around all weekend dumping out everything I picked up and crumbling everything I gave him to eat into some kind of fine powder that he then threw all over the carpet. Messes. Everywhere I looked there was disaster. “Am I the only one who can see this?” I asked myself. Based off of my oldest and Mr Perfect’s reaction to what was happening, I am convinced they are blind and need to see an optometrist immediately. Why is it that moms are the only ones who can see the dishes piling up and the laundry all over the floor..? Maybe it is just my family that seems to have the distinct talent of ignoring chaos but I have a feeling some of you can relate.



So what did I do about it? I would like to tell you I was very mature and sat them all down and told them in a very reasonable voice that I could use a little extra help around here if they wouldn’t mind…but that is not the case. I did however passive aggressively mumble under my breath, as I banged all the dishes and slammed all the cupboards. Shockingly this did not make anyone eager to help me, or to even come within ten feet of me for that matter. Why do I do this? I am so good at playing the martyr sometimes that I forget to ask for help.


I would rather plan my break away to the beach then suck it up and ask for help. Is it because I think I should be able to handle all of this better, and I am embarrassed that I can’t? Maybe. Being a Mom is hard sometimes but I know I don’t have to do it all by myself. Although my husband isn’t the kind to magically notice all of the things I need help with. He is the kind whom if I ask, will gladly relieve some of my burden and pitch in. Although being “adult” about this is not always as fun as acting like a tantrum throwing four year old who missed there nap, I suppose in the end getting what I need is worth being mature for. So to all of you who find yourself in your own personal “crazy place” come out from hiding and ask the people you love and who love you for some help. They just might surprise you…if not I will meet you at the beach!