Today is a special day. Twelve years ago today, I married the love of my life. Our love story, all though not the kind they typically write movies about, is my favorite.

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I met my husband in high school at 16 years old, yes we are high school sweet hearts. So cliche right? My best friend was dating his best friend so we decided to sit with them in the cafeteria and there he was….Cocky as hell but cute as it too. Did I mention he was in a band?? Like a rock band! He played the guitar(sigh)…so yeah, my 16 year old self was smitten. I was a very “good girl” by all means, just ask anyone who was at mountain view in 2001;). He on the other hand considered himself a “bad boy”. Like the kind who left his mom notes letting her know he snuck out, just in case she woke up and found him missing (adorable right?). Well, you get it. Good girl, bad boy, we were destined to fall in love.

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The first time we “hung out” I went to one of his shows to hear him play the guitar. We spoke for maybe 30 seconds because I had to be home for my 10:30pm curfew hahaha! He says I snubbed him, but really I was so nervous I couldn’t even be cute. I said something dorky and went home and over analyzed it ALL NIGHT. We hung out again not too long after that first show, and I realized there were a few things this dreamy boy would have to change if he wanted to be with me. My parents would probably not approve of this soft core, rebel with out a cause so I started talking to him about what was really important to me. I invited him come to morning sides with me (church meetings for kids our age, that happened way before the sun came up) and his friends teased him for getting whipped by a “goody goody”. He took me to all of his shows, where I stood in front rows, rocking out to music I wasn’t really obsessed with, all to impress this kid I was falling for. Over the next few years I watched this person I cared about change and grow into the person he was meant to be. What started out as wanting to impress a girl, turned into a real and deep conversion. I can not take all the credit, (all though I try too any chance I get;)) because he did all the hard work. It was this process, watching him grow and change for the better, that made me fall in LOVE with him. I loved him so much it hurt. Seriously though, being a teenager is dramatic like that.

A week before I graduated from high school, he left for his mission in Panama. I died. I was so proud and yet so sad. We had fallen in love, as much as any kids could have. I vowed to “wait” for him.

After he had been gone for 6 months or so I got a letter where he broke up with me. That is right, I was dear Jane-d. He said something like he needed to focus and missing me was a distraction so I should date and move on. I hated him. Well I wanted to but I loved him so much and I was actually proud of him. He wanted to focus and grow into the missionary and man he was supposed to be. So I did what any 19 year old would do, I dated all the boys. By dated I mean made out🙈. My husband was my first kiss but not my second, third, fourth, fifth…you get the point. I went through the motions but I struggled with out him. A part of me knew it wasn’t over and so my heart waited even though I was “dating”.

A month before he came home I was panicking. Like NERVOUS BREAKDOWN status. I decided I would hit my knees and pray. Pray to know if the feelings I had as a 16-18 year old girl were real. If he was the person I was supposed to marry and have babies with. My answer was crystal clear and I knew. He was the one. How could I know this before I had even seen him again???? I don’t know exactly, but I did KNOW with every fiber of my being, I knew.

I took an anxiety medicine the night before he came to see me and in order to appear super chill, I wore my Jack Bauer shirt to meet him for the first time. JACK BAUER. I felt it said “oh hey, your back? I totally forgot. No biggie.” Hahaha. Our connection was palpable and we were both shaking as we hugged for the first time.

The next few months were rocky for us. We tried dating for a while but he was still nervous about why he felt we should brake up in the first place. I decided to give him a chance to figure it out, while I volunteered in Ecuador for the next three months. I left. I knew it was the right thing to do for me and for us. He dated a little, and we talked on the phone every night. We talked about EVERYTHING. We had dated for two years before he left for Panama, but we were kids then. So as adults, on a satellite phone, we talked about everything. Our hopes our dreams our future babies. Then it happened. We knew. Technically I already knew, but he caught up. We were in love and wanted to be together forever.

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I came home just before my 21st birthday in February of 2006 and on March 7th he proposed to me. We were so happy. So naïve and so in love.

We were married in the San Diego, LDS temple on April 22, 2006. We honeymooned at the hotel Coronado and on our drive home we actually talked about how we couldn’t even imagine EVER having anything to fight about. Haha.

10 years have passed and we have been through it. Fights, miscarriages, infertility, job changes, hormone changes, 6 moves, 3 kids, one dog. Personal growth, spiritual growth, marital triumphs, parental triumphs, business success and so much happiness.

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I have watched the man I chose to marry and be with, continue to grow into the person I always believed he would be. The kind of father that kids sit around talking about for years, after they are all grown. The kind of man I am honored to have my son look up to, and my daughters want to marry. The kind of friend who will never turn his back on you in your time of need. The kind of son who still honors and respects his parents. The kind of husband who is faithful and patient, who looks at me the same way he did 10 years ago. He is my rock. My very best friend. My cheerleader. My lover. My partner. I want to have all the babies with him and grow old together. My most favorite thing he has ever done, was chose me in return. I love you Mr. Perfect and look forward to many more decades as your wife. Happy Anniversary.