It seems obvi that I CAN NOT live with out gallery walls. I legit have one in every room of my house. Is that a problem? I don’t think so! They are kind of my design addiction or bff or something like that, but the point is they add so so much to a room. Whether you want a modern, eclectic or rustic space, a gallery wall is where it is at.

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Let’s talk floor to ceiling gallery walls like this one in my hall way. I had been wanting to try this FOREVER and after a trip to Boston with my girl friends, I had just enough new art pieces to complete it! (Sidebar: no matter where I go on a trip I always stuff a frame or two in my suitcase to take home with me. It makes my gallery walls so much more personal and I get happy looking at the pieces I have collected from around the country.) I had already had this mirror hung in the hallway so I just decided to work around it.

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Now here is the truth, I have no real method to my madness. I am a creative person and I am also not overly picky so I just start. I don’t map out my frames with paper to see how they will all fit, much to my husbands chagrin, I pick up he hammer and nails and go for it. Is this the least helpful tutorial or what? I will say, don’t be afraid of a little nail hole and a few mistakes. Take a collection of prints or frames that you love and feel your way through it. If this scared the crap out of you go for two or three straight lines of all the same frames to start. It is a modern and clean way to have a gallery wall of your very own.

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With the gallery wall in my family room, like the one in my hall, I started by hanging my biggest piece in the middle and worked around it. I made sure to balance the black around the wall as well as the reds so that it felt cohesive.


If you are afraid of being able to find balance, then stick with frames of the same color. In my clients master bedroom we used all white pieces to keep it soft and sophisticated.


Any collection or hanging art or frames, makes for a dreamy wall in my opinion. Just keep messing with your collection until you achieve that happy randomness you have been looking for!