Ok ok I know it is not thanksgiving time right now, but I wasn’t blogging in November so I am taking this opportunity to post about my FAVORITE tradition anyway!!! I have the FUNNEST (is that even a word?) group of girl friends and each of us take a holiday though out the year and host a couples party to celebrate it! Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, New Years and even Easter, but my personal favorite (because I got to host it;)) is FRIENDS-GIVING!! Aka thanksgiving with your friends. Don’t tell anyone, but I love it more then real thanksgiving.


This year I had Mr. Perfect build me an extra table to fit all of our friends around because we were going to have perfect attendance this year and needed all the space we could get! Now if you are thinking, “how do you decorate and do all that cooking??” Then you probably don’t know me very well because cooking is so not my thing! I am however an amazing delegator and assign each friend to bring their most famous side dish to share. Seeing as how the classy clutter girls and made it, ate it, loved it are among some of my best friends, I would be full on crazy not to force them to cook for me!!! My husband and his buddy fry the turkey a few hours before, and I do contribute my mother in laws famous sweet potato casserole. I will hook you all up with the recipe before thanksgiving this year.


I usually decorate my table on the cheap and find things I have around my house mixed with things I buy at Michaels or hobby lobby. My in laws had these amazing trees stumps and wood rounds so I borrowed them and used them as my jumping point! I bought pumpkins from Michaels and then the rest were things I had around my house or in my front yard. Let’s remember I was almost nine months pregnant at the time, and I thought it was a great idea to pull out the ladder and start chopping down branches from the trees in my front yard!! Haha I was committed to the idea of a natural rustic looking table scape so I waddled up that ladder and made it happen! I love the way it turned out mixed with all of my colorful dishes that I borrow from my mom every year.


The real star of this show however it the amazing food! Rolls, salads, green beans, potatoes, sweet potatoes, turkey and PIES! Great now I am starving. Well, only 205 days left until you can start your own friends-giving tradition and I can rationalize eating ALL THE FOOD! Let me know what your favorite holidays and traditions are??