Ok let’s talk about two of my fave things, vintage and all thinks IKEA. Some people seem to think that IKEA is cheap and looks chinsy. Well, guess what, if you fill your entire house with only IKEA I may agree but adding it in with other styles can crate the perfect harmony for your home. You can not beat the price of IKEA and you definitely can’t beat the function.

Dining Room

If I ever need a picture frame, this is my go to place. I framed my botanical prints that I found at a thrift shop, on a girls trip to San Francisco, in these $1.99 IKEA white frames. It makes the look cohesive and simple while saving you Buco bucks!

Dining Room

Their bedding is also kind of everything to me. Such great prices to had layers and texture to any bed. My daughters room is rocking two layers of IKEA bedding with the botanical print and the buffalo check. Both of her down inserts are IKEA as well. My advice on inserts is the fluffier the better! At our house we don’t sleep with our down comforters. We use a blanket we keep folded in the closet, so fluffier works for us because it is just so much prettier:). You mix her bedding with her vintage headboard and vintage floral euro shams and you have achieved a little bit of design perfection in a space.



In my sons room we have the IKEA crib and the IKEA silver frame for his heartbeat print, which you can read all about HERE. When we found out we were pregnant again, we realized we would be rocking too babies in cribs, so to save money we chose this inexpensive natural wood crib from IKEA. I love the natural element it provides to his other wise modern nursery. The KBcutedesigns sheet and mid century dresser add to the design element and keep it from looking too cookie cutter.

Boy Nursery

Heart Beat Print

Hope these tips help you not be afraid of mixing things you love, with things that are cost efficient and practical. Your home is a place where you should be surrounded by the things you love. Let me know your favorite IKEA hacks or purchases!! Muah