When I found out I was pregnant with my third baby, I was so nervous because my youngest at the time was only 6 months old. The only thing that calmed my fears was thinking that maybe the baby growing inside of me would be a little girl, because if it was a girl, that meant my oldest would have a sister. A SISTER.


I have a sister and she is truly one of the greatest blessings in my life. My sister and I are 5 years apart. When we were growing up there were so many times where she drove me nuts. I was older and she followed me around idolizing me. She wanted to play with my friends and hang out in my room. I remember when I first got to shave my legs and she took a bath with me and watched with awe as I took my first step into womanhood. Haha Then there was the time when I was married and she was still young and tiny, and I spent all of my time walking around idolizing her. I begged her to let me hang out with her and made her let me borrow some of her clothes (which she hated). Those were not our best times but then something magical happens, one day you are both adults at the very same time. You are both married and you both have kids. You are pregnant together, although you are having your third and she is having her first. Still, you now have this even deeper level of connection because you are both going through the same things at the same time. You can cry together, eat together, run away from life together, and it is just the best. Then your babies grow up together and your bond gets even stronger.


I wanted this as a mom and I got it. I get to watch my girls be sisters. I get to watch them fight and laugh and play. I will get to watch them learn from each other and grow up together. Someday I will get to watch them be in each other’s weddings and have babies together. They are so lucky to have each other and I know that first hand. Whether you are the older sister or the younger sister, or somewhere in the middle, there is so much to be learned from each other. I have been taught courage, faith, patience, loyalty and Christlike love from my little sister. At times I am convinced that she is far wiser and stronger then I will ever be. Hug your sisters today because they are truly the greatest blessing God gives to families.