So if you don’t check my Instagram on the regular, you might have missed me talking about us moving soon! We are on the hunt for our next house and we are looking for a fun fixer upper! It has me thinking about packing and how much I LOVE MOVING! We have lived in the rental we are in for almost five years now, but before that we moved 5 times in one year! Yeah, I know we are crazy. I did however learn great tips and tricks for making the whole process easier. I also learned how to prioritize each room as I unpacked all of our pretties.

First tip for moving actually starts right now, before you even decide to move. DECLUTTER!!! If you haven’t used, worn or played with something in the last six months, then get rid of it. Odds are you don’t need it if it has set there for that long. This will make moving so much easier, when the time comes. If it has been a while since you decluttered then do it before you start packing.

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Next, keep everything as organized as possible and label ALL THE THINGS! Keep boxes specific to each room they are coming from and going too, with the exception of towels. Towels make great padding between dishes or picture frames. I know this isn’t rocket science and I am not reinventing the wheel or anything but when you get tired of packing, the desire to chuck everything in garbage bags and deal with it later gets pretty intense. Stay focused and stay organized, you won’t regret it when you get to your new place and everything makes sense.

Dining Room

Now my tips for making moving an easy transition for your kiddos. Like I mentioned before we moved 5 times in a year with a 3 year old, and I was so worried that she would feel so confused and chaotic. I decided to make it a point to move her room last and put it back together first. That way no matter where we were, California or Arizona, she felt safe and at home. I literally did this the very minute we moved in, before she even spent one night in our new house. I really think it made all that moving much easier on her.


Big Girl Room

Unpacking is my favorite part. All of the new possibilities and exciting design choices to be made! I am giddy just thinking about getting to do it again soon and in my very own house that I will own!!! Ahhh!! Ok I will calm down and wish you happy packing or at least a happy decluttering.