Some of my first jobs out of design school were working at boutiques. I was in charge of keeping the shelves full of the pretties and making sure they were well designed. I learned so much about how to layer accessories and make them look pretty. It was a valuable design lesson and one I still use in my home, and with my clients today! Even if you love a minimal clean look the art of layering is still important.

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I love accessories, or crap if you want to call it that! This is something that comes sort of organically to me like hanging a gallery wall, which I talk about HERE, if you want to read it. K so books are a great accessory to layer with. They can lay flat or vertical and give the ability to make smaller accessories seem taller. Also GREENERY, whether you find it at homegoods or IKEA, as long as it is green, I approve. It gives that earthy natural feel that any space needs! Last but not least some frames! You can put family pics or botanical prints in them,I ain’t picky, as long as you have them to use in your layering.

Family Room

Dining Room

Like layering family members for a family pictures, always start with the tall stuff in the back and have it progressively get smaller towards the front. I typically like to use the rule of threes. Although this rule can certainly be broken when you have the perfect two things. When in doubt throw some pretty books in a basket with a frame and plant, and you have your self a vignette. Boom.

Boy Nursery


Last tip is to make sure to pay attention to the colors you use and have them balance each other through out the space or shelves you are designing. Now go for it! The worst thing that can happen is it looks like crap and you start over. Also as you find new treasures don’t be afraid to tweak your shelves and keep them constantly evolving. Good luck dream boats