Ok let’s talk about the anxiety that can come from trying to pick the right shade of gray for your WHOLE house, it is too blue? Is it too green? Heavens forbid if it looks PURPLE! I can not have a purple house people! Lucky for you over the years I have found my top three shades of gray, that ensure you an not go wrong.

First is the more trendy, and what I am going for, white gray. If you want clean and simple but not a sterile, hospital white, then this is the color for you. Glidden’s silver birch. I used this color in my kids room to freshen it up and it makes the perfect backdrop. I love how bright and clean it looks. This would be perfect through out an entire house because it will work with any other colors or tones you are interested in.

Second is a little bit of a darker, medium toned gray from behr called, dolphin fin. This is the color I chose to put through out my family room when we were living in our rental. This room was a milk chocolate brown before and I HATED IT! Choosing this color completely transformed a dark dingy space into a modern bright family room. Our landlord liked it so much that we are currently painting our entire rental that color, to over up all my projects and nail holes🙈.


Family Room

Third and final recommendation is a little bit of a darker gray from behr called seal gray . I had this color in the office before we changed it into my daughters room.  So many of you have asked for this color, so I hope it helps!

PRO TIP* when you first roll your new fave gray color over those old tan walls, know that it may look purple or blue to you compared to that color. Do not panic, let it dry and finish the whole wall and you will have no purple or blue tones at all. Gray is just a “cool” color but these three choices I guarantee are not blue or purple, so paint with confidence my friends!