I have been wanting to write about this topic for so long because it is something that I literally and physically couldn’t live with out!

I am probably not the most low maintenance friend that there ever was..I need lots of love and attention! Haha in order to not overwhelm any one person to the point of giving up on me, I choose to have a good group of girl friends around me to balance out my potential for neediness! In fact my longest bestie Brittney Gurr, used to swim away from me at our 10 year old play dates just to dive me crazy! I would cry and tell her mom she was not being nice to me and her mom would nicely try to explain to me that some times Brittney just needed her space. What? Space? I could just not grasp this concept. Ha I was a stage four clinger. I just get such a rush of endorphins when I am around my people! I love my friends. Hence my over use of exclamation points through out this post. My “high school friends” as I lovingly refer to the five, now women, who had every part in making me the person I am today are more important to me then I will ever be able to put into words. Still, I am going to try. High school can be rough, as you all know but mine was truly THE BEST! These girls and I had what I believe to be a rare and beautiful high school experience, full of weekend dance parties and eating ALL THE NACHOS! There are videos to prove it, although if Britt know what’s best for her those will stay dead and buried. Haha. We saw each other through some real life things too, parents getting divorced, eating disorders, crazy moms, heartbreak and all of the other growing pains that can happen between 15-18 years old. We trusted each other with our secrets and our demons. We helped each other and we prayed for and with each other. I can honestly not imagine my life with out them and even though some of us have moved away and between us we have 15 1/2 kids and six husbands, we still make time for an annual girls trip to just be with each other and laugh and cry and see knew things the world has to offer. Ok now I am balling. I just honestly love these girls so much, I would die with out them. If you are reading this and you are young, in high school or college, I beg you to find good girl friends and keep them close. They will be one of the best blessings in your life and I promise you it is hard to be the best version of yourself with out them.

You think that would be enough right? Well I just can’t get enough and as I started having babies and moving away from the daily interactions with these girls, me being the needy person I am found some one else to annoy in the daily. This person is 13 years older then me and I moved into her ward as a new mom with one baby and no idea what real life was like yet. She had four kids and lots of life experience and I clung to her like a leech! Ha soaking up all of her advice and knowledge and also making each other laugh everything we were together until we peed. I had no idea at the time the turns her life would take or mine but our friendship has remained as rock solid as ever. Heavenly Father places us in each other’s lives at just the right time and it saved me lots of money I would have spent on therapy;)! My Angela taught me all about working hard and being he best wife and mom I could be. I love her and need her always.

Still not enough??? Guys I explained..I am apparently very NEEDY! Haha or I just really love people. Somehow I was lucky enough to reconnect with my Savannah (we were elementary besties before her family moved away from me) as moms and grow our friendship once again! You know her because she is half of the very talented Classy Clutter girls. This girl was also put into my life by divine intervention just when I needed her. She has been by my side through all of my infertility ups and downs and still loves me. She is the calm to my crazy and literally can talk me into anything! If you didn’t see my Instagram’s, home girl got me to go on tower of terror TWICE something my high school besties and husband have never been able to convince me to do! Haha she constantly teaches me through her example, how to be a better person. We can vent about wanting to run away from our kids and life one minute and then make plans for how we are going to be more patient and loving wives and moms the next minute. She also came with a whole group of friends that love her as much as I do to share with me. These girls I consider my “mom friends” and you can often find us sneaking out of our houses at midnight and meeting at Applebee’s to sing karaoke and eat mozzarella sticks, because we all know the importance of balance and a good BREAK! We randomly escape to Disneyland on a whim and you can always count on them to not judge your diet soda addiction because they have the same one. They are so important to me and I remember countless times crying together about my infertility and when I got pregnant and told them all, they felt my joy and I need them.

Life is hard, whether you are 15 or 95 I believe good girlfriends are invaluable. I couldn’t be as good of a wife and a mom or just me for that matter with out them. Women need women. We need someone who feels the roller coaster of emotion we feel on a daily basis, to relate to us. They get me and I get them. I love to make my friends laugh and give them unsolicited advice. I hope you all have good girl friends in your life and I hope like me you have a husband who also knows the importance of good girl friends and encourages me to nurture these relationships. Happy National girl friends day! Now go call those chicks and tell them you LOVE THEM!

High school besties

Brittney Gurr

Chelsea Stock

Jessica Reyna

Katie Weight

Tiffany Alger

Angela Walker

Mom besties

Savannah Kokaliares

Mallory Nicklous

Scarlett Bendixon

Lauren Pew

Lauren Willis

Krystal Payne

Jenny Steiner