I think I have reached my limit of sanity and change. I can not believe how deeply my comfort level is attached to having a safe and beautiful home. If moving has taught me anything, it is that I COULD NEVER BE A GYPSY! Ha but seriously, tiny homes that travel around the world, will be something I watch other people do. Not for me folks! I need a spot. One spot where I lay my head every night, and one spot I call home for a very very long time. When we started this house hunting and moving process I spent so much time worrying about how my kids would handle all this change, and how I would make them feel safe. They have struggled, more tantrums, less sleep and a few articulated words of sadness for old schools and old friends, but for the most part they are doing better then I expected. I on the other hand am ruined! Granted getting our house all closed was WAY HARDER then we expected and there was tons of “grown up” stresses that made even my husband start to lose it. Still compared to me he seemed like Buddha. Now our house is all closed and done. All the papers are signed and the keys are in hand, so I should feel relieved right? Well now it is time to knock down the walls and paint all the things!!! Can I handle this guys? I know these are such first world problems but between terrible twos coming into my life like a tornado, a seven year old going on seventeen, a teething baby, walls to knock down and floors to lay I am feeling STRESSED like never before. I have found myself praying for more patients and more capacity to grow. All I want is a home to raise our family in, a place that is ours where we can teach our kids about hard work and kindness. Renting always had me feeling like we we’re waiting for something and now we are finally here, building something. So like anything in life that causes stress and discomfort, this will be worth it. So worth it. We fought hard for this and worked hard for this. We have been blessed with such good family to help us get here, and I am going to try and stop stressing now and enjoy this home and life building journey.


Here are a few details from my master bedroom thus far. I want everything in this new home to be something I love, if I don’t love it then it has to go. Even if that means living with less right now.
This is the headboard of my dreams. I was so nervous to sell my old bed and try something new but when I found this tufted, linen dream boat all my nerves were calmed. I found it at humbleabode.com.
I am still on the hunt for perfect fabric to make some amazing pillows so in the meantime I am using these inexpensive IKEA white euro sham covers, mixed with some of my old favorites from homegoods and target. My duvet cover is target and and my sheets are from overstock.com.

The couch side of my room is a dream come true!
If you have followed along I bought that couch months ago in anticipation of a new house and had shuffled it through my old house to all kinds of places where it didn’t work! Ha ha so once I moved in and was able to have it in the perfect space my heart could have exploded! I threw some finders keepers throw pillows on there and some homegoods pillows. What really made it amazing was my “be still, my soul” print from classy clutter shop
Can’t wait to find fabrics I love that I can share with you all in my etsy shop soon! Thanks for reading and following along with our very own fixer upper!