Bennett’s love shack

The story of our new home is a long and crazy one but I am going to try and simplify it for all of you! We owned a home after we were first married in 2006 and like many of you lost it when the economy crashed. The years that followed were long and hard at times, but full of lots of growth and learning. We made a lot of naïve mistakes with buying our first home and we were not sure how long it would be until we owned a home of our own again. In a matter of a year we moved six times!!! To California and back and then from house to house until we found the perfect rental we were living in before this house. We lives in that rental for five years and I loved it. I was happy to not be moving around any more and to have landlords that aloud me to make it feel like my own. Of course there were times that I wished I could change out flooring or shiplap walls, but knew they would not be happy with me doing that! Ha nor would my husband put that kind of time or money into a rental. So we got the itch. The itch to own our own home again. To build something we could raise our now three kids in. So we started looking. We searched all over Gilbert because we LOVE Gilbert and then in a whim my husband found a house in a dream location and neighborhood right between Gilbert and Mesa (not the house we end up with) We assumed it would be too expensive but we’re surprised to find it was a short sale and the price was doable. We made an offer and waited 6 WEEKS to hear back from them only to find out they wanted 30,000 more then they had it listed for!!!! We were devastated. I was sure this is where we were supposed to raise our babies and grow our family! What now? It was summer and the need to find a home before school started again was causing me serious anxiety and yet I was scarred to find another home we loved and not get it. Buying a house is so much harder then I remember and then people let on. I kept searching Zillow and my dad’s MLS everyday and found this little home right by where my husband and I grew up and met each other. In Mesa, MESA! There was no way we could leave our fave Gilbert with all of its shiny new targets and Wal marts and green fields and silos right? As I prayed about this a voice or feeling came to my mind and spoke to my heart telling me, this was what we needed. We need to be by “our people” close to our families and friends and the people we love most in the world. With this heart pull and the possibility of getting a good deal (my husbands priority) we put in an offer. It was accepted the next day and then we panicked a little haha! This was a fixer upper! 70% of the house was some various shade of pink and the flooring looked like a tile store AND the kitchen was a little cave off of the back of the house where you could see none of the rest of the house!
So while sitting at our best friends house (who live in the same neighborhood as the love shack) we drew up some very Amateur plans for the new lay out and we got excited! Really, really excited! This home gives us the big back yard and an extra bedroom that we so desperately needed. It wasn’t perfect like the first house but it was going to be perfect for us. The first faze of renovations were hard on me, which surprised me.
I am chalking it up to a learning experience but turns out I will NEVER live in my own reno ever again with two babies and a seven year old;) ha! We are already so happy here and I can’t wait to share all of our projects with you all! I am listing my home colors below!