1. Consider a Color Scheme
-you can use classic fall colors
-keep it neutral and more organic


2. Use Local Materials
-trim branches from your front yard, neighbors, or family members
-make sure to buy you pumpkins early if you want fake ones because they sell out at Michaels early.
-use things from around your home to personalize your table scape ie: old books or candle holders.



3. Mix Styles and Patterns
-mix textures and patterns to keep your table visually interesting


4. Try One Stand Out Piece
-something larger and eye catching in the middle of the table and let it waterfall out from the center.


5. Less is more…More is more!
-Sometimes it’s all about the initial wow factor and you can edit and take away things when it is time to actually eat ALL THE FOOD
-Snap a pic of it first when its perfect and then less is more to actually eat


6. Throw an Unexpected Twist
-use something creative and interesting that your guests wouldn’t expect ie: mini pumpkins with names stamped on them for place holders or old books to place silverware on!


7. OR Stick to a Theme
-arrange a collection of like items together for maximum impact!
-there is power in arranging a group of all alike things in a cluster to draw attention and make a visual impact!


8. Keep it Functional
-always have premeditated plans on how to interchange some décor for food ie: remove main centerpiece for turkey or fill in gaps with side dishes.


9. Mix Materials
-keep it visually interesting by adding an eclectic feel through pattern and texture mixing.


10. Remember the Room
-this is my interior designer tip: add pillows to your head chairs or benches.
-make sure décor on your buffets or walls coordinate with your table scape
-if your aren’t cooking all the food (I never do that) make sure fall candles are lit
and holiday music is playing.