When we bought this little FIXER upper of ours, I was super happy that is at least had a white kitchen. Well, actually it was a very stained yellow/white, but close enough so that refinishing it wouldn’t be too much work! It did however have dropped ceilings ,a “wal mart light”, (as I call it) and PINK counter tops! 🙈 We spent most of our budget opening up the house and giving it new flooring through out, so I needed to come up with a design plan on a small budget. Months before we moved my mother in law was changing out her kitchen knobs and I called dibs on her amazing drawer pulls! They had that perfect “farm house” look I was going for and they were FREE!


I started by using the rest of my bbfrosch powder mixed with my fave ultra pure white from behr and loaded it in my home right sprayer. Now I usually am not a fan of just brushing/rolling paint on but since I was hoping to paint the inside of the cabinets as well I opted to invest in a sprayer. This sprayer worked well enough but they still drive me a little crazy in general because you have to stop and unclog the little tip part too often for my liking. Anyway it was what I needed for this project and did a great job.


Then it was time for back splash. I had the idea of shiplap because it is inexpensive and I LOVED the way it looked in my entry way. I decided to make it skinnier so that you could see more of it. Then I knew I would want some sort of pattern on the part of the shiplap underneath my cabinet above my countertops. I loved the stencil on my bathroom floor so much, I decided to do something in that same family. I used the smaller stencil in a dark gray on top of the white painted shiplap, then I distressed it so that you could tell it was wood, and so some of that warm natural wood tone wood come through and match the natural wood above the cabinets.



The warm natural tone of the wood also brought my floating shelves to life and helped move the natural wood tones around the kitchen. It brought all of my favorite things all together!


The last step was what to do with the horrible pink countertops. We had bought hardwood to do hardwood countertops but now that I had the wood of the shiplap I didn’t think that was a good idea. We contemplated concrete but haven’t worked with that before and heard mixed reviews, so basically I was confused. I decided I would just paint them with Rustoleum countertop paint in silver to buy myself some time until I can come up with the permanent solution I want. I need a new sink, and faucet, and countertops so figured I would wait until I can afford to do all those at the same time! I love how they turned out. They have held up very well, other than my daughter using a knife to cut an apple directly on them. I have been very pleased but also you should note that I am not a very picky person at all. They are not a perfect solution, but I think they are a great temporary solution.


A few months later i finally talked my husband into building us an island for our kiddos to sit at and it finished off our kitchen perfectly.




I can’t believe what a drastic difference some of these inexpensive changes made! It feels like a whole new kitchen and I honestly get butterflies cooking dinner for my family in it. Hope you feel brave enough to try some of these tricks and quick fixes and your home and let me know how you like them!!!

Shelves: $20 2×8 home depot
shelf brackets: $2 closet brackets home depot
shiplap: one sheet of plywood that we ripped down into 3″ strips $25 home depot
counter tops: rustoleum counter top paint “gray mist” $20 per quart. used one
cart: $30 home depot
Hardware: free from in laws!
Bar stools:American Furniture warehouse> $28 each
Island: custom built by us email for quote