Before we made the move back to Mesa last year, we had lived in gilbert for the last 8 years and it was my favorite. I loved the open space and farm land. There were silos, and old beautifully weathered farm houses. However time passed and these pieces of land and old homes were torn down and replaced with new buildings. One of my favorite little farm houses sold off and I watched it get torn down as I drove passed it everyday. In its place they started building this big, I mean, HUGE warehouse and I vowed whatever this building was, I was NEVER going into it! Ha I watched it finish being built and realized it was a furniture store. Crap. I love furniture…”No, no Jade you are not going in there. Remember the farm house.” Ok I am never going in there. Time passed and adds were posted on their giant Jumbotron and each time we passed my oldest begged me from the back seat to “PLEASE TAKE HER IN THERE!” One night I gave in. I had been dying to go inside so I blamed it on my six year old and caved. When I walked in I was skeptical at first but quickly realized just how addicted to this place I was going to be. The place was huge and had really beautiful pieces. They had a giant stuffed animal tiger for my daughter to sit on, and massage chairs for my husband and I to try out.
Then I started looking at their prices and realized how many great deals there were. I was hooked. I bought my metal farm house kitchen chairs from them (link here) and never looked back! Haha since then I have gone back literally countless times and purchased everything from a new TV to my fave faux fur stools.
I love their customer service and I love their stuff! They always let my kids take home a little stuffed animal of their choosing and we always leave feeling great.
If you have followed me for a while you may have noticed that some of my fave pieces in my home are from their store. Including my master bedroom nightstands, my bench and my daughters chair in her room.
I take all my clients their first to see what kind of deals we can find. These oversized accent chairs were perfect in my clients home and I could not love their modern design more if I tried!
Do yourself a favor and check them out! I mean have I ever led you astray? Happy shopping and make sure to sit in the massage chair for at least a min!