I am going to be so bold as to call this THE MOST IMPORTANT THING WE DID TO OUR HOUSE! And we had seven foot ceilings in our kitchen at one point so that is saying ALOT.  I found out after we painted our home, that is was affectionately called by passer-byers the McDonald’s house due to its beautiful bright yellow color with red trim! Ha!


It was truly a terrible yellow and yet it was not a top priority when we moved in, because there was so much to be done.

You can see some before and after pics of the interior here.

However, when the time came, or rather the money, I knew exactly what I wanted to paint it. I had seen a stunning black and white home years before when we lived in Southern California and always told my husband, “when we own our own home again this is what I am painting it!” He of course loved it too so the decision was made and we just needed to chose the perfect shades of black and white.

With Arizona being so hot and sunny I was worried about how quickly the colors would fade or yellow in the sun. Not to mention that the desert is dusty and we have a stucco home so it would get dirty fairly quickly. With all that in mind, I decided I would go with a pure white from behr paint. I have had a favorite black paint from behr that I have used for years that I knew I wanted for the trim, the color is black suede. It has a depth to it that I love and I knew it would be perfect.

We hired my favorite painter EVER Alejandro and his wife Alejandra (contact info 602-295-5286). They are a family company that I have used on clients homes for years and they and their two sons are meticulous and do such a great job on interiors and exteriors.

Ty got to making us some new shutters, that were shiplap inspired (tutorial coming soon) and we purchased these knew lights which i linked HERE . I left for the day so that I could be surprised when I came home by the change. HOLY COW, as I came around the corner to my house I could have cried it was so beautiful!!!

The black and white took my basic stucco 1970’s home to something modern and completely relevant to today.

This may not be my “dream house” but it is becoming more then I could have ever dreamed of as we continue to put our own personal and custom touches on it. If you have ever thought of painting your home but hesitate, my advice is DO IT! I no longer feel embarrassed when people show up to visit. I feel so proud of where I live and the outside finally matches the inside.

Love you friends and thank you for reading!