In our house we started following a new fun, simple tradition, for Christmas gift giving. I realized that so many of the gifts I was giving my children were getting donated or thrown away just a few short months after the holiday was over. “What a waste of money and time” I found myself thinking and even saying out loud to my husband. I was sick of it, and it was taking the joy out of gift giving for me. I had heard of this tradition where you only buy your kids and spouse four gifts based off of four simple words, WANT, NEED, WEAR, READ. I felt inspired by this and wanted to give it a try. Now in the full disclosure there are times where I get two gifts for “wear” or “read” but applying this tradition has definitely kept me in check. I am able to finish shopping earlier and not be so distracted by all the big shiny things stores are blinding me with, because I already filled my kids “need” on their wish list earlier. See what I mean?? How great is the idea of not over spending or wasting all of dem’ hard earned dollar bills on things we just don’t need. I love this tradition and have loved applying this one! That being said I have decided to do a few round ups with my top pics for mamas, dads, big girls and boys and the little girls and boys in your life!


Threshhold Rug

H&M sweater

wood beaded chandelier

better then before