I get a lot of questions about these floating shelves in my kitchen and I am happy to say that they are SO EASY TO MAKE! Once you measure the width e you want to fill, you an head town to the Home Depot and grab a piece of Douglas fir either 12”, 10” or 8” wide and 2” thick. Then have the wood department cut it down to the size you previously measured at your home. Mine are 10” deep, 2” thick and 28” wide.

You can grab and shelf or closet hardware that you like but I used THESE for mine because they were cheap and easy to install. Make sure to grab drywall screws that can support up to 50lbs and get out of there! Ha

Before you mount the brackets stain the wood any color your heart and home desire. I used a coat of weathered oak and polyurethane on mine. Then inside your home decide visually where you want your brackets to be placed and drill the drywall screws into the wall accordingly. Once both brackets are in and level you can attach the precut and stained piece of wood from Home Depot. It is that EASY!

This is one of the very first projects I did after we moved in and finished renovating and it made it finally feel like home to me!!!

Floating shelves is a fun trend to follow because it is easy to install and easy to remove if you change your mind a few years down the road.
Hope you add some floating shelves to your homes and let me know how they turn out!