One Christmas when I was about 14, my mom decided to re-do my room as my Christmas present. Being the interior design freak that I am I was giddy with excitement! She locked my out for a few weeks and asked me a few pointed questions about what I wanted.
On Christmas morning I was the first person to get to “open” a present and my mom swung open the door of my new room as I squealed with joy! There was vintage chenille bedspread and a slew of beautiful pillows on the bed. She had added a second box spring so my bed was extra tall, like a princess and a super fluffy duvet just begging to be snuggled in. Then on the walls was a purple, my fave color at the time, wall paper around the top few feet of the room. Then there was a chair rail and the majority of the wall was big floral wallpaper that I was obsessed with. Across the purple top half my mom had taken fringe and swagged it across the solid purple wallpaper. That was my favorite part! Ugh I still remember laying in bed each night looking at it and feeling so lucky! I had a desk in the corner with a beautiful lamp and chair that I did all my homework at. This was by far my most memorable gift I ever received as a child.

Knowing that I am raising a like minded 8 year old I figured this was the perfect year to give her a room make over! She loves decor and has LOTS OF OPINIONS about her room! Ha some are good and some are interesting;). I want to make this space all that she wants it be, while still being the practical, sophisticated space it needs to be for her growing and maturing self.

I have purchased some pieces already and I reused lots of things we already had. Painting furniture can make such a big difference in updating a space. Plus having Ty in my life to add the wood working of my dreams doesn’t hurt. I am going to show you some of the decor inspo and save the woodworking and final details for a big reveal post after Xmas. You can follow me on pinterest HERE to see my inspiration for this room! Can’t wait to show you the big REVEAL SOON!!!!