This may very well be my favorite present I have ever given anyone. I wrote all about my favorite gift ever HERE.
I knew I wanted this space to transition from 8 to 18 if it needed to. So no themes, which I am not a big fan of anyway, and good mature colors. I knew I wanted a shiplap or wood detail 3/4 of the way up but wasn’t sold on my exact plan. That’s where Ty came in with this idea to router his own shiplap look into 1/4” mdf and then frame it out with a thick wainscoting. I made him add the shelf around the top so I could easily lean as many Finders Keepers Floral prints as I wanted! Ha

We had that beautiful vintage bed and I decided that is where I would add one of Peight’s favorite colors, it is a spray paint I found at Home Depot called, MINT.

I had been using that white vintage bedding as a bed skirt and decided to put it on top again! I still have my Beddy’s Beds underneath because it is just so comfy!

The color pallet for this room all came from this rug I found on rugs usa. The colors were youthful and bright, and I knew Peight would love them.

I had been wanting some shop woven Pillows and reached out to my friend of a friend, turned actual friend, to see if she could get me some in time for the big reveal. I chose those second and then added in the ikea duvet to help bring all of the colors together.

Now I just needed to decide what to do above the wainscoting and thought about doing this amazing scallop treatment I found on Classy Clutter Blog,  but after trying it, I realized I hated the gray walls and my wall texture made it look wonky. Back to the drawing board. I pulled out my color wheel from behr and started trying to decide.Some decisions come easy and others I have to marinate on, this was one of the latter. I didn’t like and of the blues, because between the bed frame and pillows and cool pinks, that would just be more of the same.

I ultimately went with peach sachet because it had the warmth I was looking for and was still light and bright. *Pro tip, painting light colors on textured walls helps to minimize the appearance of the texture.
As far as accessories go, most of this stuff was laying around my house or in my “extra decor cupboard”. The vintage mirror however I may have driven 45 min to pick up from a stranger selling it on Facebook. I reused the ikea legs I had and grabbed a new cheap white top for them. That famous 70’s closet mirror re-imagined as the perfect way to check your whole outfit out before leaving for school and some small accessories on the bookshelf and the space was pulled together and finished.

(We ran out of time for window benches but they are coming)
She had to wait all weekend at the cabin until we came home to see it. Her reaction was perfect and watching her play and organize all of her things in this new space made my mama heart very, very happy.

She is lucky to have a dad that can build her beautiful things and I am so happy we could give her this space to reflect her beautiful and bright personality! If you haven’t thought about giving the gift of “room design” for birthdays or Christmas, you SHOULD!

Hope you all had a merry Christmas and got everything you wanted!
Love you friends!