Never have I ever talked about my diet, or what I eat on here, but I recently found something that I love and so I want to share! I mean we talk about ALL THE THINGS here right???
At the beginning of December my husband and I decided we needed to try something together to help us not gain any weight during Christmas time. I had been reading the book “better then before” by Gretchen Ruben and was learning a lot about how I form habits and what kind of personality type I am. I highly recommend this book and found it from yet another amazing The Alison Show referral. I learned that unlike most people I am a person who thrives in absolutes rather then moderation. Gretchen was the same and recommend another book “why we get fat and what to do about it” by Gary Taubes. Before I even started reading this book a friend in my neighborhood told me about the “Keto” diet or ketosis diet and she made it sound simple enough, that Ty and I decided to try it. Meanwhile I am starting to read this why we get fat book and am learning all about how (to sum it up) carbs are the devil Ha! He uses words like “hormones” and “diabetes” and “cancer” that trigger me to keep listening and read more.
As you may very well know at this point, I struggled with infertility between my first and second kids for five years. We are trying for our fourth baby now and the scares the crap out of me for more then one reason. One, I have no idea why I was infertile in the first place and two FOUR KIDS IS SO MANY! So when the book taught me that the foods we eat, ie sugar and carbs, can have negative effects on our hormones I knew as a questioner, that I was going to try it!
I am not going to lie, I ate a cookie from the soda shop everyday for a year, so I was scared and sad to let that go! The adjustment has been way easier then I thought and that is impart to finding “hacks” to get a sweet treat and a carb like meal into my daily routine. I have noticed my skin is better and my energy is high and sustained! As for my fertility, you will just have to follow along and see!
Pinterest is not just good for home decor it is the mecca for recipes and all the life things!! So I am sharing on here links to some of my most favorite Keto friendly and low carb meals I have been making on a daily basis. When I am out to dinner, I just stick to meat and cheese and salads! Fajitas minus all the rice and bean are a go to for me at lots of my fave restaurants. I swear if I can do this, you really can to! That being said, diet is SO PERSONAL so do not think because something works for me, it has to work for you. I will test it out a little while longer and let you know how it goes! Even if you aren’t low carb these recipes are worth giving a try and let me know what you think!
Love you friends. cheese chips

cheesecake bites

 loaded cauliflower

 easy low carb meal

monterey chicken