Decorating with neutrals is a personal favorite of mine. When it come to neutrals the key is to think texture. Choose furniture pieces and textiles with tons of visible pattern and texture. Here I layered creams and grays all with different textures and patterns to create design interest with out color for my couch.

Distressed white and cream pieces of furniture also add texture while still being neutral.
Wood tones are a great way to add contrast to a neutral space.

It brings in an earthy grounded element that would other wise be missing with out color. *pro tip keep wood finishes to three different colors or less (this includes floor color). Adding corbels, wood frames or side tables in various wood tones makes for a cozy inviting space that you and your family want to curl up in.

When it comes to whites, do not be afraid to layer all of the shades together. Bright white walls with cream linen couches and warm white furniture pieces. Gone are the days of not being able to mix whites and creams!

Don’t forget blacks and greens. YES green is a neutral and can be incorporated easily with plants and botanicals. Greenery is a small way to add a big impact.

Lastly, warm up your neutral space even more with woven texture. Think baskets, benches or rugs with this beautiful visual element. Like wood tones, woven texture helps to warm up a space and keep it grounded.
If you have kids and are afraid of neutrals, I understand that, but don’t be! Choose slipcovers that easily come off and can be washed. Also make scotch guard your best friend! Ha

Neutrals make for a peaceful and inviting color pallet to be use as the back drop of our busy messy                   lives!

Favorite neutrals
Behr- ultra pure white (walls)
Behr- night blooming jasmine (furniture)
Behr- flannel gray (my doors)
Behr- silver birch (walls with out shiplap)
Behr-black suede

Favorite stains
Minwax stain- weathered oak (open shelves)
Minwax stain- special walnut (corbels