One of my favorite things about interior design is how many options you have to personalize your home. The possibilities are endless, and at times overwhelming, so let me do your thinking for you and give you some inspiration for choosing your perfect back splash.

1. Dark and Dramatic

back glossy tile

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Shiny black backsplash any one? This is such a dramatic and bold way to make a statement in your kitchen. This dark moody black, paired with brass fixtures and smoky blue cabinets make for a modern masterpiece. Masculine in color and feminine in finishes. Do not count out dark dramatic colors when designing your dream kitchen.

2. Farmhouse 

shiplap wood planks

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If you know me, you know farm house has my heart. Shiplap in all forms makes me weak in the knees. Adding raw wood shiplap or painted bright white shiplap is a great way to add texture while keeping that rustic farmhouse vibe we are all so desperate for since falling in love with Joanna Gaines and Fixer Upper.

2. Pop of Color

aqua tile

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No matter your design ascetic, a pop of color is always a good idea, especially in an all white kitchen. Visually it excites and inspires. This beautiful aqua color is the perfect complement to the warm sea grass window treatment and chrome hardware. Everyone has a favorite color, so why not put it on your backsplash?


4.Out the Box

plaid tile

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Plaid. Shouldn’t that be on your pillows and throw blankets, not on your kitchen walls? WHY NOT??? Ha! If you love something, you should have it any where you please, within reason. This is within reason for me. This preppy, unconventional look is the perfect way to express who you are through your home decor. It is classic and timeless. In this black and white color scheme it is the perfect addition to almost any style of home.

5. Budget Friendly

faux tile stencil

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Did your cabinets, counters and flooring cost you more then you thought? You can still have a visually appealing and beautiful back splash in your kitchen with out breaking the bank. Stencils are a new trend that have been sweeping the DIY design industry and I fully support it. I believe you should love where you live on any budget and this method is good for any home. The stencil can be used with subtle color differences like this or bold blacks and whites. Do not be afraid to DIY until you can have your dream backsplash.

6. Romantic

scalloped tile

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Feminine and modern is how I would describe this marble scallop backsplash. This is a bathroom backsplash, but can you imagine it behind a range in your kitchen? With a brass pot filler and beautiful stove top? I get design chills just thinking about it, and my heart skips a beat. This bathroom makes me feel all the feels and I would trade out my master bath for this one any day.

7. Traditional

white subway tile

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I am not sure if subway tile started out as “traditional” but HGTV and it’s slew of shows we live to watch have certainly made it that way. Classic, clean and bright, subway tile lends its self to every home and every style. You can have white grout, gray grout or black grout and I love it just the same! It is a safe bet and when you are making a million design decisions sometimes safe and beautiful is just what you need.


8. Patterned Tile

patterned tile

Last but certainly not least is a beautiful patterned tile. This merola tile from Home Depot has been seen all over magazines and Pinterest for a reason. It adds character and beauty to any space while still having a timeless-ness about it that we can trust. Black and white keeps it classic with bright white cabinets, but how great would it be with a smoky green cabinet? This tile also looks beautiful on floors and may be one of my favorites on this list.
I know that not everyone loves having to chose from a million options like I do, so I hope this helped you narrow down your options. If I could have eight houses with one of these backsplashes in each I am certain I would! Ha! Designing your home should be fun and your home should reflect who you are. Keep that in mind while choosing one of these beauties for your very own.
Love you friends!