Love and marriage is one of the biggest keys to happiness and yet we probably don’t give it the time and energy it needs to grow and thrive. I thought I would help you add a little romance to your master suite and hopefully this will give you a space to be with your spouse and keep that love alive. Being parents is a full time job and I believe your master bedroom should be a safe haven from that at the end of everyday. We love our babies but we love our husband too right?? Plus how do you think those little miracles got here? Ha too far? Well, the point is, leave your kids out of your room when at all possible. Also, use decor to make your master suite a romantic and cozy sanctuary where you can escape from even the craziest of days to be alone with the one you love. I have four ways that you can add that romance to your space and keep that love alive forever!

One: unkept bed

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Casual comfy bed, messy even! An unkept, cozy bed has a such an inviting feel to it. No need for throwing off all of those perfectly karate chopped pillows (although I do love those) just jump on in the way it is! This alleviates any mental blocks or excuses for just jumping in a snuggling the day away. Maybe it is just me, but a day spent in bed sounds like the perfect Day!

Two: Draped canopy bed

This design tip might be my very favorite because it can transform your master sweet into a romantic oasis usually found off the cost of Bali or some other exotic location! Who doesn’t want to feel like they are stepping away from “real life” when they step into their master bedroom? Do we even have kids or work deadlines any more? Nope just time for romance and relaxation. Keep your drapes sheer and whimsical to make the space feel soft and inviting. Then jump on in!

Three: Mirror wall

Now this is not as sketch as it might sound, ha! Some layered vintage mirrors add romance to any space and reflect all of the beautiful lighting around your space. It gives it some whimsy and visual interest and makes for the perfect wall decor in a master bedroom. *pro tip leave all pictures of your children out of your master suite!!! They are hard enough to get out of your head as it is never mind trying to find romance with their adorable faces plastered all over the walls. Keep happy pictures of you as a couple in your master and mirrors to keep the romantic feelings alive and well!

Four: Lighting

Lighting is one of the most under valued ways to make a HUGE romantic impact in your master suite. Adding some left over strands of Christmas lights to your head board or lighting candles around your space can set the mood perfectly. Romance is a feeling that creates an experience, and twinkle lights and candles are the perfect visual to create that romantic feeling you are looking for. Use beautiful candle holders all year long and light those candles for special occasions. This will ramp up the romance even in the most basic Tuesday!

I love that there are simple ways you can make your master suite a place to nurture the love you have for your spouse or partner. These design tips will help you do just that. Also, remember love and romance needs attention always, so use these design trick whenever you need to add a little love into a normal week! Here is to keeping that love alive friends!