Amazon is basically the greatest thing ever created…right? I actually used to NEVER online shop. I just liked brick and mortar better and a part of me still does. Que two babies 15 months apart and a new “job” and extra busy hubs and 9 year old and I was like, “who is going to deliver me some 2% milk??”
I love the convenience of online shopping more then life now. Shoes for my kids? Click click click…be here tomorrow at noon! Bless you amazon prime! You get it. You love it too! So in honor of my newly found love of online shopping I am giving you my top favorite things I have found on Amazon that have basically changed my life!

•1. These kids shoes are bomb for boys and girls and wash SO EASILY! My sister @lexpacker on insta introduced me to these and I die for them. SHOP HERE.

•2. You friends are always asking what phone holder I use in my car to make all of my handsfree stories and this one is my favorite HERE.

•3. While driving around in my car, these have become a fast favorite sunnies. BIG and cute. No need for make up just throw these babes on and head out! SHOP HERE

•4. I genuinely don’t know what I would do with out my amazon fire stick! It is probably the most life changing thing I have bought! Ha! Also have you watched Suits yet??? You have to watch this show IT IS SO GOOD! Ty and I watch together and I am obsessed! HERE

•5. Kayti told me about this morphe m439 foundation brush and I now use nothing else to put on my foundation. Proof in my make up tutorial here. Trust me and get this shipped to you HERE.

•6. This one is random but I have been needing a stool in my shower for shaving my legs for almost two years now and last week I was like WHY HAVEN’T I CHECKED AMAZON!???? So I did and found this and now my life is normal again. HERE

•7. I get a lot of questions about the poster frames in Indies’s room and I found them on amazon in black and just sprayed them gold. So easy and cheap. Perfect for you finders keepers florals! HERE

•8. If you don’t use crest white strips you are missing out!!!! My buddy Cotton Stem and The BeyoutyBureue love these too. Pearly whites make me feel young. Well that and Botox! Ha! HERE

•9. Candles are always going in my house to mask the smell of spilled milk and poopy diapers and I have this one in my amazon cart on the regular! Volcano is my jam and they are cute to look at! HERE

•10. Last but certainly not least, the echo dot is cheaper then buying the full Alexa and I have four of them in my house. Music brings so much joy to my family and I and with amazon music we can jam out to anything while we clean up the house! Plus I use the timer for nap time and time out all day long! This might be my most fave amazon purchase ever. HERE

Here is to never wanting to leave your house again and ordering ALL THE THINGS bra less and in your jammies!