I remember growing up I had an entire bedroom of wicker furniture. White wicker chairs and settee and of course I loved it! Ha! This trend is back in style, which means I am officially old. However it has a more boho twist these days and wicker is best left in its raw wood form. Baskets, benches and light fixtures are best served in wicker! Here are three reasons why I can’t get enough.

•1. Wicker adds SO MUCH TEXTURE! If you are a neutral lover like me then you know we need to add visual interest any where we can and natural colored wicker baskets are a great way to do that. They really warm up a space and can be a beautiful and functional way to hide all the crap we have.

•2. Mixes well with any style. It gives dreamy boho vibes with out having to commit to that as the entire theme of your home. The arched pattern adds whimsy to the squares up spaces we seem to create for our selves to live in. I can literally not get enough of it on furniture and baskets! I think arched cane wicker is my actual love language!

•3. I can’t get enough of the COLOR! The warm wood tones that accompany this modern day wicker trend makes my heart sing. I often get hired to Design homes based on the fact that they like how I create “warm/cozy” spaces. Wicker is basically the greatest way to add warmth. That color is like a dreamy sunset that wraps you up in it. Wicker light fixtures take that warmth to the next level with the way they diffuse the light around your room.

If you are looking to cozy up a space, look no further then a wicker basket or light fixture! Add it to your shelves or floors and you will be so happy to see that you have created that “feeling” you were looking for with a little bit of wicker!