GUYS!!! I am so happy that we get to keep doing these Design classes together!
Let me start with WHY I started these classes and what I hope you all get from them. As women and moms we spend a majority of our time in our homes, and often we don’t take the time, or don’t know how, to make our homes a place we love to be. I believe with my whole heart that you need to live somewhere you LOVE!! I hope that taking one of my classes can help teach you and inspire you to put the time into your home that it, you and your family deserve! You DESERVE to live somewhere that makes you happy and functions for your family. You don’t have to have your “dream house” or thousands of dollars to make your home beautiful. I will teach you simple and effective ways to transform your home into the cozy, loving space you have dreamed of for your family. A clean and beautiful home improves your quality of life dramatically. You will leave feeling confident to tackle that gallery wall or put together those kids rooms FINALLY! On top of that we will always be fed and soda-ed up at one of my classes and that too is the key to happiness! Can’t wait to finish off the year with the Tablescape class and dance party! Next year will be full of classes too and I am giddy to announce them! THANK YOU FOR SHOWING UP and being the most amazing friends a girl could ask for! Let’s love where we live RIGHT NOW and be happy RIGHT NOW!