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**The WARRIOR is a preorder through January 25th**

For those of us who have experienced loss, betrayal, or unfathomable pain in one form or another, we understand the need to push forward, work hard, and show up for those we love in order to survive. With hope we will be able to heal our hardened, shattered hearts. Through the journey we learn we are capable of more: more endurance through life’s difficulties and capable of loving more immensely than we ever imagined. We have more compassion and a greater capacity to serve and offer support to others. Our hearts enlarge and open once again. 
We are not stuck in sorrow and pain. Our hearts can heal. What a beautiful journey it is. 

The Greatest Showman’s iconic song ‘This Is Me’ portrays this change of heart. The Bearded Lady leads the anthem, singing:

“We are bursting through the barricades andReaching for the sun.
Yeah, that's what we've become.
I won't let them break me down to dust.I know that there's a place for us.For WE ARE GLORIOUS!
The WARRIOR sweatshirt is a reminder of this growth. From a hard, shattered, grey heart can grow an open heart that is full and capable of great love. The words WARRIOR and GLORIOUS are written on the sleeves as a reminder to the wearer of their beautiful journey and abilities.