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“Jade is pulling me out of a dark place where I’ve hated my home and really didn’t know how to create a place I love. Following her and Find It, keeps me motivated and I lean on the Internet friendships. SAHMin’ is very lonely and hard. Find It and Jade keep me sane! I have learned a lot and try to utilize what I’ve learned. Wish I lived closer to attend the classes IRL Ps. Thanks for “saving me Jade! xoxo!”

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A little about me...

I decided to do a little “get to know you” for those of you who have just recently started following me and my business!

My name is Jade Bennett and I live in Mesa, Arizona. Go Devils! (Just kidding. I just really wanted to say something prideful about my home state. It was either that or “Go cactus!”)

I graduated from the American Institute of Interior Design in Fountain Hills. One of my favorite things my instructor, Judy, ever taught me was, “trust the flowers to be beautiful!” A bit of knowledge I have found true in any well designed room. I have worked around town at various furniture stores and home decor boutiques, but about 3 years ago I started Finders Keepers Designs. I specialized in refinishing old furniture. I love seeing beautiful old pieces find new life and energy with just a coat of paint! Recently I have taken the natural step back to my roots of interior design and I am loving being in your homes and helping you find your own personal sense of style.

My mother is also an interior designer and growing up in her home allowed me to really appreciate how powerful an influence the way you keep your home can have on your children and family. Design can create an environment that says “come in, you are loved and safe from the world here.”

My husband and children are everything to me. We struggled with infertility when trying to get our second baby here from Heaven. The miracles that transpired through that journey are things I hold sacred and that have made me the person I am today. I am grateful. I am grateful I get to wake up everyday to my family and do a job that I love so much. I look forward to growth this year and to that growth allowing me to get to work with more of you!

Thank you for following along with me!

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